The Sac’a’rith is on its way!

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The Sac’a’rith is on its way to the professional editor as planned! The reports from the pre-readers were great. I am once again amazed at the wide variety of things they mention. Just as with the last book there was almost no overlap in their feedback. The pre-readers do not know this yet (well I guess they will as soon as they read this) but I have re-written the ending since they have seen it… twice!

It should take ten to fourteen days for my editor to work through it, and then a million years for me to work through all her notes. That should put us on track for a Christmas release of the ebook (not sure on the paperback yet, that always lags behind). I do have mock ups of the cover, and have shown them to a few fans so far and the reception has been great. I do not want to do the reveal until the design is final, but I will leave you with this hint… the main character, who is a zalionian, is on the cover.

Also, as I revealed on our Facebook page, there will be my first attempt at a map included in this release. I am having a hard time getting the map to look right on the E-Ink displays, but I hope to have that resolved soon. On my Kindle Fire HD, which is an LCD screen, the map looks good, so it should be fine on the Nook Color, IPad, and other full color e-readers and tablets. I only have limited hardware to test with, so hopefully my guessing is correct.

Work on Volume VI, Spectra’s Gambit, is going well. I have around sixteen thousand words done, and since most of my books are around one hundred thousand words, we can call that about sixteen percent done. The beginning of it overlaps with both Resurgence of Ancient Darkness and The Sac’a’rith’s endings so it is taking some work to smooth that out. I think everyone will enjoy the connection, especially since I am bringing back a certain large orange cat from The Enemy of an Enemy.

Do not forget to sign up on the Lost Tales of Power email list to be kept in the know! I save the best news bits for that list… and I may just be thinking about sending a special promotion code to that list in the coming weeks for those elite fans to share with friends and family.

I get asked from time to time by fans, “what can we do to help?” The biggest thing fans can do to help make this a successful release is to spread the word about the series to everyone you can. So post reviews everywhere you can about the books, and spread the word to friends and family! If you do social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) spread it there too.  The more excitement we can raise, especially as the release date gets closer, the better. Thanks!

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