The Sac’a’rith Heading Out To Pre-Readers!

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The Sac’a’rith is on its way to pre-readers! This is a major stepping-stone in the life of a book. For those that do not know, this is roughly how the process works. First an author gets an idea for a story, maybe “Young rising star in the navy sent to investigate mysterious happenings.” Then the first draft is blasted on to paper (err… by that I mean typed in to a computer). For me I use an iterative process where I am constantly editing as I go. In contrast, some authors just drive through and don’t look back until they are done with the first pass.

Either way once that first draft is completed, then the author himself does a few editing passes over the entire manuscript. Then, in my case, it goes to my wife for a first editing pass. At that point the manuscript is not release quality, but it is very much readable. Pre-readers (some call them beta readers) are invited to review the manuscript at this stage. This is done before final editing because if the pre-readers find any issues, they will have to be fixed before paying for full editing. If it went to editing first, and was changed in any real way after that by the pre-reading feedback, then it would have to go back to editing and that would double the editing costs for the project.

The goal is to send to my editor on October 7th, then to get the cover art finalized by mid/late October (while the editor is working on manuscript). Once I get the book back from her, I will need time to go through her edits (which typically will be on every single line of the book) and approve or not approve them. Then my wife will typically do one final pass if there is time to make sure I did not mess up our editor’s hard work (which I have been known to do).

Then from there I need to work on formatting for the various distribution channels, and making the paperback version. I hope to do a cover reveal in late October, so be on the look out for that.

I am hoping to get the book out in early December so that it is on the “New Release” list for the peak of the ebook buying season (the week following Christmas). The schedule is very tight, but I am going to do my best to hit it.

Please spread the word about my series, and if you have not signed up for my email list, please do! People on the email list get special updates and news not found anywhere else! For example, the pre-reader invite went out them, and they have a teaser about Spectra’s Gambit that no one else knows! Click <HERE> to sign up!

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