Getting Close on the Fifth Book

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This just a fast update for everyone on volume 5: The Sac’a’rith. I have completed the first draft and my wife has started on her edits. Our goal is to target a release date ahead of the Christmas season (which for ebooks starts the day AFTER Christmas). We want it to be on the “new release” list at that time for maximum exposure. It is going to be a very tight timeline coordinating our editor, cover art, formatting, conversion, publishing, and everything else while dealing with all the traveling I tend to do between October and January.

The Sac’a’rith takes place at the same time as Darkness did, and actually ends a little before Darkness did. I will be releasing a full calendar at some point, but until there here is a bit of a teaser:

IE = Imperial Era (similar to BC, counts backwards)

EM = Era of Magic

12/01/01 IE – Enemy of an Enemy starts

01/20/02 EM – Enemy of an Enemy ends

02/01/02 EM – The Academy starts

08/30/42 EM – The Academy ends

05/15/55 EM – Rise of Shadows starts

12/30/58 EM – Rise of Shadows ends

01/31/59 EM – Resurgence of Ancient Darkness starts

03/15/59 EM – The Sac’a’rith starts (approximate)

10/31/62 EM – The Sac’a’rith ends (approximate)

01/25/63 EM – Resurgence of Ancient Darkness ends

Spectra’s Gambit will take place near the end of Sac’a’rith and run until after Darkness ends but those dates are less certain at this time. So that is your fast update for today! Now I need to get back to whip cracking!

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