Update on Book Five, and More

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It has been a while since I have updated everyone here, and I apologize for that! I have been working hard at getting The Sac’a’rith written. I am about sixty thousand words into writing the book, which is a little bit more then half the length of Darkness. I had hoped to be finished with it and working on Spectra’s Gambit by now, but so far with every release I have way over estimated my ability to write quickly, so I guess no sense in breaking with tradition, right?

Just a reminder since it has been a while, my fifth book, The Sac’a’rith, will be in the same universe as the first four, but has all new characters, and is in a separate area of the universe. It more properly reflects the direction that I want to go, which is a multi-dimensional universe where many stories take place in with overlapping themes, times, characters, and so on.

My sixth book, Spectra’s Gambit, will feature Spectra and Dusty, but with a new story line distinct from the first four books. I am keeping quiet about that story line for now, but it will also feature a new cast and a new location.

For the seventh book, I am thinking it will focus more on primitive realm, and some adventures there, but I have not decided for sure yet. Another story I want to tell is the foundations of the Empire, which could be a trilogy. Basically what I am saying is that I have several story lines in mind for book seven, so it is still up in the air.

That is all for now, time to get back to writing!

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19 thoughts on “Update on Book Five, and More

  1. Lois Arias

    Please keep writing as quickly as you can! Any chance of a tease about Spectra & Dusty? 🙂

    1. Vincent Post author

      A tease? hmmm.. Would that not be the opposite of “I am keeping quiet about that storyline”? 😀

      1. Lois Arias

        Ah, yes – I guess it is the opposite. Perhaps a tease right before its release? You’ve really piqued my curiosity ( the sign of an excellent author).

    2. Lois Arias

      It’s easy to compliment him – he’s a very gifted writer. And you are an amazing, supportive wife!

  2. Jillian

    hey vincent, its been a while i just finished reading the first four again, and i tell you that they get better each time. i cant wait for book 5 to come out. do you think you will ever tell more of vydor’s story and what has happened since the formation of the council? whats going on in their lives and what have then been doing while shadow and flame found the rifts? and when dusty and spectra were in the spirit realm, after book one there really isnt anything about everyone from it, and i was wondering what happened to them?

    1. Vincent Post author

      Thank you very much for your kind words!

      So, some of it, yes. For example Spectra’s Gambit starts off before the tables are destroyed, but after the rescue scene in Darkness. At that time, it is only Vydor, Kellyn and some others that are free to be in a new story. (There Lois, you got your teaser! :p ). I do not at this time plan to write the story that covers the time between Enemy and Academy, but my mind could change on that.

      BTW – Y’all can help get these books out faster by spreading the word so that I sell lots and lots of copies and can quit my day job to write full time. 🙂

  3. Kristi (Vincent's wife)

    I’d like to thank both Lois and Jillian for your complimentary comments. It is really kind of you to take time out to encourage Vincent. He really does enjoy writing these stories and, like you, I really enjoy them too! Thank you so much for your support.

    1. Lois Arias

      I totally think Jillian hit it on the head. with her reply to you. By allowing his early readers to give input he is giving us a voice in the.story. That is an unusual and amazing thing for an author to do. It shows that Vincent cares about his fans as much as he cares about his writing. He’s meant to do this. I rank his books right up there with The Hobbit, Game of Thrones & all my other favorite books. IMHO he’s out-written Steven King (yes I know the genres a bit different). I think Vincent’s books keep getting better, while King’s are wearing thin. So matter what Vincent HAS to keep on writing!!’ Ever think of advertising the Quartet for Christmas? I know I’ll buy it for gifts.GAZB

  4. Jillian

    Are you kidding I love all the books. Just ask Vincent I’ve told him before I’ve read and reread all of them probably six times already. His writing style just sucks you in I read them straight through in one sitting. He is one of my favorite writers. Any time I talk books with people I tell them about Lost Tales of Power. These are by far my favorite books I just can’t get enough of them. I truly believe that when he gets more well known I’ll be able to say I remember when he used to ask his fans about their input on the format on if he should put the name of whose point of view at the start of the chapters and that we chatted with him and his wife and could say we remember reading his books when he started out. He has such a way of writing that when you are reading it takes you to another world and it plays out like a movie in your mind, and you can see the story unfolding as it happens. I truly love all four of the books so far and I’m dying for book five. Keep up what you’re doing don’t ever give up writing I don’t think I could handle it. 🙂

  5. Vincent Post author

    Thank you for the kind words. It is sure nice to know that someone out there is being entertained by my raving madness. 🙂 I hope one day to build a street team around my books and when that happens I hope you two will join. 🙂

      1. Vincent Post author

        Umm, did not really consider that… but I guess you could? Who would you dress up as?

  6. Ken

    Please keep writing, it is hard to find an author that tells a story the way you do. I read constantly now days and when I find a good series and have finished it, seems as the author has retired or changed to a different gene. Had to go electronic because my wife refused to let me fill up any more bookshelves. Can’t part with my old books. Retread so many.

    1. Vincent Post author

      Thank you for your kind words Ken. I have finished the first draft of The Sac’a’rith. My wife will do the first edits over the next couple weeks then it will be off to the editor. I am about 15k or so words in to book six, Spectra’s Gambit. So, no worries about me abandoning this world yet! 🙂

  7. Lois

    Can’t wait to read my favorite author’s new book! Now stop answering your fan mail & WRITE! Just kidding. Your fans love hearing from you!

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