Update Email from Amazon Regarding Enemy of an Enemy

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Did you get an email from Amazon saying there was an update to Enemy of an Enemy? Read on to find out why.

This morning I was surprised to wake up and find an email from Amazon saying that there was an updated version of my book ready for download (I buy my own books so that see things like this). To be clear, I did ask them to do this, but they told me it would go out in four weeks, instead of barely twenty-four hours.

Here is what happened. In November of 2010, I release Enemy of an Enemy and while many enjoyed the story, I got some bad reviews due to poor editing. I carried on, and released two more books. Thanks to the sales from those books I had finally made enough to afford the services of a professional editor. So in April of 2012 I re-released Enemy after having an editor clean it up. It was a very significant change to the text, but no changes where made to the story.

At that time I did not know that you had to inform Amazon that you changed a book and I could no find no way for those that had gotten the book already to get a new copy. So I just posted to my blog about it, and hoped the word would get out somehow.

Recently while chatting with another author I found out there is in fact a way to get Amazon to notify all readers of the changes to your books, and turn on the “update is available” button next to the name of the book in their Kindle. So I went ahead and did that. I figured better late then never. That is why that email went out.

I hope they limited the email to only those people that got the book before April of 2012, but I have no way to know that. Any which way, everyone can now get the newest version which includes the new cover!

Did you get an email? Please let me know, and let me know when you grabbed your copy of Enemy. Thanks!

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