Heads up!

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I am releasing the special edition – The First Quartet today! It should magically appear on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Nobel, and other random stores as the day, and week rolls on. I will post a full announcement later after I finish all the tasks required for getting it in all the various distribution channels.

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8 thoughts on “Heads up!

  1. loey

    Just bought it! I guess you know what I’ll be reading this weekend.
    Game of Thrones volume 3 will have to wait.


  2. loey

    I highly recommend reading the 2nd Appendix (interviewing our talented author) before re-reading
    the quartet . It provides a quick refresher course.


  3. Vincent Post author

    Thanks Loey! You might actually be the first person to buy since the book stores have not even index the page yet! LOL! Appendix B was the “FAQ” I talked about gathering questions for. Appendix A has the sketch work from my cover artist.

  4. Loey

    I’m honored to be the first! I know I won’t be the last. Will read Appendix A before I re-read the wonderful Quartet. Cover Art looks AWESOME on my Kindle Bookshelf


  5. Jillian

    thank you so much vincent this is coming at the perfect time, i know i’ll enjoy it.i’ll right you more later

    1. Vincent Post author

      Your welcome! Now to finish last two weeks of Grad school, and the focus in on the next book. 🙂

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