April 2013 State of The Tales

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It has been a while since I have updated my fans on the state of the series so here comes your much sought after update! I have two more novels in the writing (previously both were veiled behind the “Volume V” moniker), but I am not sure which I will release first. One will be called “Spectra’s Gambit” and the other “The Sac’a’rith.” At least those are the working titles at this point. It would not be unusual for me to change the title a dozen times over as the story develops and I change my opinion on what part of the tale to highlight in the title. I hope to have at least one out by late summer.

Gambit as you might guess will feature some of the core characters you all have come to love over the last few books, and add a few new friends for you to make. Sac’a’rith will feature a mostly new cast, and move the Lost Tales in to a new section of the galaxy. I am having great fun writing both, so I am not sure which I will focus on first.

It has been a while since I have posted, and frankly that is because the special project has been delayed and I kept hoping that if I waited to post I could post news about its readiness. However all I can post is that work is moving forward just at a much slower pace then I hoped for. I have completed the cover at least, which is a work of my own instead of my normal cover artist. She is making artwork for inside the book, so I took over the cover this time. While we are on this topic, since the project is late, I am still collecting questions for the FAQ. Please send them my way. I have around a dozen so far that I am adding, but was hoping for a bunch more from fans.

That is all for now! Please continue to send me comments, questions and other mail. I love to hear from fans as it makes me feel like someone cares about my work beyond my wife.

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