Update on Volume V

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I just wanted to give everyone a fast update on Volume V. I have decided to experiment a bit with Volume V, so I am struggling a little bit on getting that ironed out. I am back up to twenty-five thousand words on it, so progress is being made. More on that in a moment.

I have been very busy trying to line up deals and get things in place for the up coming collectors edition of Volumes I-IV, and have a surprise lined up for it. There will be a new part in it, but I will not say much more then my cover artist came up with a great idea for it that is much better then what I previously announced. Stay tuned for more on that, as we get closer to production.

In Volume V, I am going back to the model that Shadows used of only having two major story lines running at once time. Darkness at some points got hard for many fans to follow, so I am backing that off a bit. I am also planning to test longer chapters in Volume V. In volumes two through four, each chapter was a scene which worked ok, by ended up with almost 100 chapters in Darkness. Each chapter often lost space to reintroducing the same main characters and setting up the same cast. It made for some awkward transitions.

In Volume V, I am only changing chapters when the main character changes. To put this in perspective that means about 3 to 5 chapters in Darkness is equivalent to 1 chapter in Volume V. I will use sub-chapter breaks when I need to make a drastic jump of some kind in setting or time. I think it will work out to be an easier read this way, but you all will have to tell me that when you get it.

I am also planning to market Volume V as a stand-alone book, even though it will be in the same universe, and have a few carry over characters. It will be written in such a way that anyone picking it up can dive right in, and read the first four later. Or at least that is the plan.

So that is your fast update on the state of the universe, please leave questions and comments below! I love hearing from readers of my books!

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2 thoughts on “Update on Volume V

  1. Loey

    I’m excited about seeing the new direction you’re taking. I’ve started to re-read the series from the beginning and it’s even better the second time around! Keep writing!


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