Update on the Print Edition of Darkness and Other News

Volume IV – Resurgence of Ancient Darkness has been released, and is starting to appear in all major ebook stores around the Internet. It is my longest book to date, so much so that I had to reduce the font size in the print edition to keep the page count low enough to prevent a price hike! I thought it was going to be about the same size as Shadows, but it ended up being forty pages longer in print. Hopefully the font is still big enough to be comfortable for everyone. The digital proof looks great, and I have ordered my physical proof. I expect it will only be a few more days until the print edition is ready to be ordered.

As always, in order to keep the cost of the book reasonable it will be available only on Amazon Create Space, and Amazon.com. In order to put the print book in more stores I would have to have a 30% increase in its price, which puts me out of the market.

With the closing of Darkness, in my mind the foundation of the universe is complete. Volume V will have some overlap with the rest of the series, but can standalone. In my overarching universe timeline, Volume V opens while Darkness is happening, but then continues on past the close of Darkness.

Books from this point forward may have the same people (I have grown fond of Dusty and Spectra after spending so much time with them in Darkness), or may have no over lapping characters at all. Together all the books will describe one large dynamic multiverse with many diverse stories ranging from pure fantasy to pure sci-fi.

As a teaser, tentatively, I am planning a trip to Korshalemia in Volume VI, while Volume V is set squarely in Vydoria. Volume VII tentatively will open a new realm for exploration, but we will just have to see how things develop before I commit to the order in which these stories play out.

I also wanted to let everyone know that I am planning a special edition to come out in the next couple of months. It will be a collection of all four books in to one massive eBook. In addition to having everyone book to date in it, it will a few bonus sections. One will be pencil type sketches of scenes that never made the cover. These sketches will be inserted in line with the story, around where they happen in each book. Another will be a FAQ section on the series (I am still gathering questions for that, so send them in!). I also plan to add some of my notes that I made as I was writing that might help fill in the details a bit, including a rough time line. I will also digitally sign the volume using my tablet and a stylus. This edition will likely cost $8.99, but will not be offered in print unless there is a demand for it as it will be cost prohibitive.

That is my update for now, more to come as things develop! So send in those questions after you read Darkness and you may get this super special edition for FREE!


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2 thoughts on “Update on the Print Edition of Darkness and Other News

  1. loey

    I am so excited with all of the different directions you plan on taking future volumes of Lost Power. I am enjoying reading your latest tome and can’t wait to continue reading your brilliant world full of well fleshed out characters and locals. Quick suggestion for your FAQ and WIKI – cross reference people and places (page or keyword). Now that I’m healthy I would be happy to help you with it. Keep up the great work!!!


  2. Vincent Post author

    Loey, the wiki desperately needs a volunteer to flesh it out. If you want to work on it, I’ll give you an account and you can go to town. It be great if I could find 2 or 3 fans to chip away at it. I want the first four books covered in the wiki for future fans that will be new to the collection some day…

    Heck – if I can figure out a way to measure “work” I’ll give free autographed signed editions of the print books per some level of contribution to the wiki. Just need a way to make it fair. Maybe like if you put 20% of the content up for book 1, you get book one signed. I do not know. Would love to hear suggestions. 🙂

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