Volume IV is OUT!

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I have uploaded the book directly to Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords. So far only Smashwords has the book live, but the rest should have it in the next 24-48 hours. Smashwords will send the book in a month or so to the rest of the ebook stores, such  as Apple and Sony.

Some details on the Volume IV:

Volume 04: Resurgence of Ancient Darkness

When Shadow’s team healed reality by closing the last tear they paved the way for a new evil, one that has been patiently waiting for its chance to rise again. Shadow must build a navy out of his fledgling Battle Wizards and carry the fight to the enemy before it comes for them. Meanwhile, the old man and his steel-eyed partner are making their own plans, and the peace that once reigned throughout the galaxy has come tumbling down.

The Lost Tales of Power is an open-ended series of Sci-Fi/Fantasy books set in a vast multiverse. Resurgence of Ancient Darkness is the final book in first quartet.

You can buy your copy now from :

  1. As an ebook in all major ebook formats from Smashwords.
  2. For your Kindle on Amazon.
  3. As a paperback from Amazon Createspace.
  4. For your Nook from Barnes and Noble.
  5. Plus many other ebook retailers, including Apple, Diesel, Kobo, Good Reads, Google, Sony and many others carry it. (Coming Soon)
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10 thoughts on “Volume IV is OUT!

  1. Loey

    I am THRILLEd and will put it on my Kindle before my try to NJ. Now how’s Volume 5 coming along?


  2. Vincent Post author


    It is at around 20k words, but I have stopped working on it to focus on getting Vol IV out. Soon I will restart working on it, once I finish dealing with all the venders/etc for IV.

  3. Vincent Post author

    I updated the post with the links to the book on Amazon, and B&N since they both have the book listed now! This is a first for my Nook fans, you actually get the book at release instead of wait 2 months for Smashwords to ship it!

  4. Jillian

    OH MY GOD!!! I just finished Resurgence of Ancient Darkness…. AND IT WAS AWESOME!!!!
    I loved it. I’m so happy that Spectra and Dusty got married, but they will pull thru that last battle right? I love that you had more of Vydor in this book. But is there more to Karathlathornka?? What was he in prison for, and what happens now that they saved him? Oh and will Phoenix continue to improve his health? Okay I’ll stop asking questions now, most likely I will have more after I re-read everything again. I must say that I’m happy you didn’t put whose POV it was at the beginning of each chapter trying to figure out who was talking is part of the fun. 🙂 I just really love this series, they are so well written and they keep the story rolling, there is just no stalling like with some books. It grabbed my attention from the start and I read it straight thru as soon as I downloaded it. As i said I’m a big fan and can’t wait to read more from you.

  5. loey

    I am really excited to read the edited book. Timing is great as I have 2 five hour car rides ahead of me. Hope progress on volume 5 is flowing. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!


  6. Vincent Post author

    Jillian –

    So with out posting any spoilers 😉 did you get most of your questions answered like I suggested you might?

    Thanks Loey!

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