January Update on Volume IV

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I wanted to give everyone a fast update on Volume IV of the Lost Tales of Power series, so here it comes! I would say that ninety percent of the editing is done! I am just struggling with one key part right now, which I sent back to my editor for more work.

My cover artist sent me a cell phone picture of the cover, and it looks great! She is going to try to have it scanned and sent to me today. If I get both of those things done in the next couple of days, then I should be able to release this volume on 1/13/2013! That is my goal right now. The print edition will take at least two weeks longer as I will need to wait on the proof to print and ship before I can make it as ready for sale.

In other news, I am changing the way I am doing my ebook distribution. In the past, I would only release directly to Amazon and Smashwords. This meant that both of those platforms had the books ready for sale within 24-48 hours, but the rest of the eBook vendors took a month or more to get the books. For Volume IV, I have set up accounts with both Kobo and Barnes and Noble to publish directly to them. This means they should also have the books ready for sale within the first 24-48 hours of release. Hopefully this will also fix issues that I have dealt with in both of those stores where they had the books listed wrong or unavailable at random times.

I am also working on a special edition that will come out around a month or so after Volume IV. I will have more news on that as we get close to the release date of Volume IV. Obviously, work is continuing on Volume V throughout all of this, but it is too early to guess a release date for it yet. I certainly would think by Christmas, but we will see how it goes.

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