Attention all Lost Tales Fans!

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I want to build a FAQ section to cover some of the basics (partly because I have not had the time to build out the wiki more) so I need from you, QUESTIONS! You can ask any question you want, but I will filter what I actually to choose to answer. I am looking for questions about:


Story Line



The Multiverse

Writing in General

And other things focused on the series

I would like to include these in a special yet to be announced edition of the ebook, and in the Wiki. So please drop them in the comments below, email them to me, or use the contact me form on this site to send them in. I would like to have a good sized collection of them so send as many as you can think of. I will filter questions for something that I feel is a spoiler for books that have not come out yet, but as of the release of Volume IV, I consider the world of Lost Tales is built and anything in those four books is fair game to question and post answers to.

I know most of you have not read volume IV yet, but I will not post the answers to the questions until IV is out. Therefore, even if your question is a spoiler for IV, it is still fair game.

As incentive to send in questions, assuming I get enough questions to make this viable, I will pick one person at random to receive the special edition ebook that has not yet been announced, for free. One entry per unique question submitted. I will pick the winner by assigning every question a number, and then using to pick the winner. So enter early, and enter often!

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2 thoughts on “Attention all Lost Tales Fans!

  1. Jillian

    What inspired you to write this series?
    Do Shadow and Flame ever have an actual wedding?
    Where did Spectra come from? When will we find out more of her background?
    Do they manage to close the other space tears, or do they move on to a new mission?
    Does Vydor come back in to play?

    I think that is all the questions I have right now, I’m sure I’ll come up with more at a later date.

    Happy writing.

    And Happy Holidays!!

  2. Vincent Post author

    Jillian- great questions. Most of those are answered in Vol IV – so maybe I need to delay all this till after 4 comes out?

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