Decemeber Update On State of the Series

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As we are closing in on Christmas, I wanted to let everyone know the status of the series. First, the writing of Volume V is going well, but I decided to axe a few chapters out of it, so the word count is back down to around 15-17k. I really like the primary story line I have going, but the secondary is struggling and weak, so I might trash the entire secondary story line and start that over.

However, I know most of you really are not concerned with Volume V right now. You want Volume IV. Of course that will change in the weeks after I get four out, but until then I can give you update on Volume IV. I have heard back from most of my pre-readers and made some the corrections that they suggested. The manuscript is with my editor now, and she is working through it. In addition, now that most of the initial cleanup from the storm (Sandy) is behind my cover artist, she is finally able to make progress on the cover.  I think we are on target for a late January, early February release.

Of course, since the world is supposed to end on 12/21/12, you might not get to read Volume IV! I will see if I can get Grandmaster Vydor to look into the problem and at least delay it long enough to get Volume IV out. He is a busy man these days, so we will just have to see how that goes. If you wake up on 12/22/12 and the world is still here, you will know that I was able to pull some favors. If not, then please accept my apologies in advance, as I will not be able to give them out at that time.

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