November Update

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The writing of Volume V is well under way. I have plenty of new characters and problems for our heroes to deal with and a certain large, orange cat comes back as a main character. Finally, the leverage that Grandmaster Vydor has over him will be revealed. Small bit of trivia for you, in an early draft ofEnemy there was a chapter with him where Vydor and Kellyn visited him at his home. It took place during that year that the book skips over. I cut it as a distraction to the pace of the novel, but it was not forgotten! It has come back from the grave and is bigger and better then before.

Also, Volume IV is on its way to pre-readers! My plan right now is to get all their feedback by the first week of December, then send the book to my editor. That might allow our release to be as early as late January, but we will have to see.

My cover artist hand paints the covers, and she lives in path of the recent Hurricane Sandy so there will be a delay on her starting her work. That delay could push us in to the holidays where her time will be less. So this might push the release back some also. I have spoken to her, and she is fine, but does not have power as of yet. They are still assessing damages but thankfully all humans and pets are unharmed.

Right now I am aiming at release before Valentine’s Day, but there are still to many unknowns. I will update as I have more information.


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