First Draft of Volume IV is complete!

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Last night I completed the epilogue of Volume IV. At one hundred and seven thousand words it is roughly the same length as Rise of Shadows. Because I use an iterative writing process this is pretty close to what the final draft length will be.

Next phase will be the pre-editing phase where my wife and I go over the book and clean up the worst of the errors. That will probably take at least a month more. Once that is complete, we will send the manuscript to our editor and she will beat it up without any mercy. While this is all going on, our cover artist will be working on the cover.

This all means that I am expecting probably a January or February release at this point. I had hoped to make it for Christmas, but it just does not look possible now, especially given the upcoming holidays.

Volume IV, as mentioned previously, ties up all the major loose ends dating back to Enemy of an Enemy. It will not close off every loose end. Some of the loose ends I am planning stories around to write at a later date. The rest I plan to leave to the reader’s imagination. I do not want to spoil much about the book, but I will say that Spectra and Dusty play a major role in it, and Grandmaster Vydor makes a return! Even Craig has a very brief cameo. It truly is an all-star cast, in my own mind.

Volume IV is the conclusion of what I am calling the first quartet in the series. Volume V, which I have already started writing, will take place in the same universe as the first four, but will start new story arcs, and introduce new characters. The Lost Tales universe is far more massive then I think has been obvious so far. I am fifteen thousand words into Volume V and it takes place in an entirely different part of Vydoria that has not yet been explored in any book, not even my unpublished ones. It has been fun to write so far, partly because in Volume V for the first time ever the main character is a zalionian!

If history repeats itself the first place to put Volume IV up for sale will be Smashwords, With 24 hours of them posting it, Amazon will likely have it. The rest of the stores can take up to a month or more, but I will do what I can to kick them around a bit. I will have more updates as things develop on this front. Keep watch on this web site, @LostTales on Twitter for the latest news!

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7 thoughts on “First Draft of Volume IV is complete!

  1. Derek

    Cant wait. Im re reading the rest of the books just to get a good feel for the story line again when I read volume 4. Really looking forward to reading this new book. Your writing really presents a good visual for the minds eye. Its almost like watching a movie for me. Keep up the good work!

  2. Vincent Post author

    Thank you for your kind words Derek. I typically have to reread my series two or three times as I write a new book just to keep my mind in the world. There are a lot of threads to juggle, and rereading helps me to remember. I wish I had Grandmaster Vydor’s knack for working with them! πŸ™‚

  3. Derek

    To be honest I have always wished I had the tenacity to sit down and right a book. My brother has written some really spectacular stuff. I however have never been able to properly convey a story from my mind, to paper. I have lots of ideas for books, but in the end if I do write something its a short story at best because I end up writing the main idea behind the story rather then the entire story. People dont understand the work that goes into a truely good novel. I have enjoyed all of your books thus far and have been enthusiastically checking for volume 4’s release.

  4. Loey

    Derek, I’m re-reading the first 3 volumes too. I find myself comparing Vincent’s writing to that of Heinlin and Asimov. I saw Cloud Atlas this week and it kept reminding me of the Lost Tales Of Power. It is such a well written series and Lost Worlds could easily be a motion picture. Bravo to our humble author. Now if I could only get my Kindle to co-operate. Looking forward to old characters (or as I look at them friends) returning and new friends joining the cast of characters. As Tom Petty puts it “The Waiting is the Hardest Part.”

  5. Derek

    I know the feeling. Talking about writing and realize I spelled it “Right” a week after the fact. I feel so intelligent! πŸ™‚ I really did enjoy reading through the books again, it showed me a few things I missed. Subtle details like the fact that Vydor uses the greek system to spell out V-I-N-C-E-N-T in the first book during the launching of The Dark Talon. I realize also who the old man probably is, and the second set of magi watching the sorcerers in book 2 and 3. I am still looking forward to Vincent cracking open “The Book” to see what becomes of that. I am also looking forward to the upcoming war with the koralshamia realm (Not sure I spelled that right) and I should mention thats just a theory to the direction of the upcoming books. I also think that Vincent is going for a power balance theory. Yin and Yang has been a prevelent theme in the books. The balance of power. Take the final battle with the Grandmaster in book 1. A giant white being and a giant black being locked in battle in opposite poses. The “Shift’s” in power balance that shadow and vydor sense. Dusty realizing in book 3 just what its like for mundanes in Koralshamia. Wizards are supposedly little better then sorcerers? It just seems to be heading in that direction.

    Your mention of cloud atlas really brings something to a head though. How many books do we know and love that we could truely love in the movie format, only to have them completely destroyed when someone tries. I think the reason people arent accepting about movie versions half the time is because directors change the stories to suit their movies, not the other way around. “The Seeker of Truth” comes to mind. I recently re-read the entire sword of truth series by terry goodkind. I couldnt stomach a full episode of “The Seeker” It was pathetic! Im looking forward to seeing the multiple directions Vincent has been setting us up for and talking about. Back stories and the melding of medievil and tech driven worlds. It just seems like a whole new world of possibilities, which is in truth, exactly what Mr. Trigili has provided us with these books.

  6. Vincent Post author

    Enemy of an Enemy is riddled with things like V-I-N-C-E-N-T. I was having a bit of fun finding new ways to stick them in. πŸ™‚ Later books have much less of that kind of thing, but there are some. Future books will have more/less depending on factors I have not yet discovered. πŸ˜€

    I have not read/watched Cloud Atlas. If you two both like it, then I should probably check it out since our tastes at least over lap with the Lost Tales of Power (I write what I like to read …).

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