September 2012 Update

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Once it again, I have let a long time pass between updates, so here is a random dump of updates on the state of the series:

This morning I passed 80 thousand words, and seventy-four chapters of the rough draft of Volume Four. This puts me behind schedule, and I am not predicting making a Christmas release at this time. I am still hoping for that, but time is ticking away on me. I am nearing the conclusion of it, so I probably will have the ARC ready for pre-readers in a month or two. I have already contacted my cover artist and sent her the scene for the cover. She will begin working on it after Halloween I believe.

Volume Five I have placed on hold so that I can focus on getting four done, but I am excited to see how that new branch in the series will turn out.

I will be looking for pre-readers for volume four, just as I did for volume three. If you are interested, please use the “contact” form on this site and let me know. Pre-readers get a free copy of the ebook they preview, and they get to have input into the final product. I am not looking for editors (I have two of those already), but I am looking for people who know the characters, the universe and the first three books. I ask for pre-readers to make sure everything flows nicely as a story, that characters act as fitting their personalities, that there are no huge plot holes, and those kinds of things. In short, read the story for enjoyment and take notes on any issues you might have.

So that is the random news bites for now! Please keep the emails and comments coming, I love to hear from fans, especially about what you like and do not like about the books.

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1 thought on “September 2012 Update

  1. matthew

    i love the books, and would love to have some input into anything if i could. never been a pre=reader before but theres a first time for everything, ive never been into a book enough to go for it but i really love this series!!

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