Update on Volume Four and More

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It has been a while since I posted an update on where things stand with the series, so here is your update!

First, the Wiki: It is in place and people can start using it. While I have put a decent chunk of information in it, there is a lot more that needs to go into it sill. I would love for some fans to help build it out. *hint* *hint* For now, I am updating it slowly as I can find time.

Second, Volume Four: Writing on book four is going well. It was approaching the 35k word mark (or about 1/3rd the length of Shadows) but I have decided that one of the sub plots is too big to be a sub plot and I am breaking it out to become book five. That cuts book four down to 20k words (or around 20% of the length of Shadows). This book features Shadow, Dusty and the rest of the Battle Wizards again on quest to find the source of the shadow that was revealed in Shadows. Volume Four will end the major arch that started in book one, but it will not end the series.

Third, Book Five: Book five will start the pattern that will continue for the rest of the series. Volumes 1 through 4 built the universe that the rest of the stories will live in. Going forward starting with book five, future books will be standalone books (or possibly mini-series) in the universe that was created in Volumes 1 to 4. I plan to maintain a master time line in the Wiki so that everyone can see how the books relate. I have several story lines that I want to write out this way, at least three or four more books worth beyond book five.

This is a bit of a deviation from the original plan, as originally I was thinking five books to tell the foundational tale, but I think by the end of Volume Four everything will be in place for the universe. Not all questions will be answered of course. Enough uncertainty will be in place to allow the freedom for future stories to grow the universe.

Finally, I want to hear from you! Shadows is selling well. It appears that at least most people that bought Academy liked it enough to purchase Shadows. So my question is how does it compare? Which was better and why?

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2 thoughts on “Update on Volume Four and More

  1. Martin Rote

    Really enjoyed all three books in the series. I particularly enjoy those aspects that displayed the positive aspects of the wizards vs the sorcerers. Such as supporting each other and sacrifice for each other. I found the switching from one persons perspective to another to be a positive for developing each of the characters. I felt that the academy portion of the series was important to give a sense of universe (as defined by the book) to the whole series. I like seeing the interaction of the previous key characters weaved into the current set of key characters. I personally enjoy getting an extended progression of the plot (sort of like the chaos chronicles) where I can enjoy a lot of books describing the same characters as circumstances change. But I also like the introduction of the new characters and creating like mini-series of the subplots (2-3 books). I guess what I long for is to see the current key characters come of age before we drift to far away. Although if there is a mini-series coming for each of the sub groups of key characters, that would also be satisfying in my enjoyment of the series. I see this theme you presented being worth at least 10-20 books. It has enough variety and thought provoking nature to it to go on quiet a while. As far as which of the 2 or third books I liked better, since I read them in a continuous stream, I didn’t get a sense of one vs another, just a continuing of the story. I did enjoy seeing the subplot of Dusty’s adventure in the other realm.

  2. Vincent Post author

    Thanks for that Martin!

    The perspective shifting was one of my areas of concern in Vol II and III. I am glad you felt it added to the story.

    I am about 1/2 way through writing Volume IV, and since you mentioned previous characters, I will drop the teaser that Grandmaster Vydor makes a few appearances as the “I” character, along with Bill. 😉

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