Trouble with Nook

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As mentioned previously, I recently released a new edition of Enemy that has been professionally edited. For our Smashwords, and Amazon Kindle customers it is relatively simple for you to get the updated ebook for free. However there appears to be no way for Barnes and Noble customers to do the same. I have had several readers try, and no matter what we do, no one gets the new edition. I believe this only applies to those that bought Enemy before the new version hit Barnes and Noble. Those that picked up the ebook after that should have the newest version as of their download date.

The work around for this problem is to completely delete Enemy from your Nook, and your Barnes and Noble account. Once that is done, head over to Smashwords and get the updated copy from them. They have instructions here for how to load the book on to your Nook. It is easy, and you are guaranteed to always have access to the most current edition of the book.

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