Enemy of an Enemy – Second Edition!

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I have posted the updated version of Enemy and both Amazon and Smashwords currently have it live. It may take up to two months before the various other stores update their version and listing. I am sure many of you have some questions about this so I have prepared this FAQ to help address them:

1)      Why re-release the book?

  1. Well, frankly Enemy being my first book ever had some big issues with grammar and syntax. The story was strong enough that many people over looked these issues and still enjoyed the book. When it was released, I did not have enough money to hire a professional editor, now I do. I felt that the book needed enough help that it was worth the effort to give my readers a higher quality product at no cost to them.

2)      What has changed?

  1. Nothing as far as the story line, plot points, character building, world building or anything along those lines has changed. The edits were all to style and language issues. Things like “effect” verse “affect”, or “has been” verse “had been.” Several reviewers called my writing in Enemy  juvenile, and this should additionally address their concerns.

3)      Should I get and read the new version?

  1. I highly recommend you replace your copy with the updated one. Since the book is free, this will not cost you anything. This way at any point you decide you want to reread the book, you will have the good version. Since there are no story changes, you will not be missing out on knowledge by not rereading it, unless the language issues made things unclear for you the first time.

4)      How do I know if I have the updated version already?

  1. The updated version hit Amazon and Smashwords on late on 4/3/2012. If you purchased the book before then, you do not have it. To verify, simply open the book to the title page and look for “Editors.” If it lists both Kristi and Elaine then you have the updated version. If it only lists Kristi (or no one) then you do not.

5)      How do I get the updated version?

  1. If you downloaded the book from Smashwords, then simply delete your copy, and go to Smashwords and grab the new version. Smashwords makes this very easy for readers.
  2. If you downloaded the book through your Kindle or Kindle app, then you have a couple more steps. First, delete the book from your all your Kindles, and then log on to your account at Amazon and go to “Manage My Kindle.” On that screen you will have a listing of all your Kindle books. Scroll through the list until you find “The Enemy of an Enemy (Lost Tales of Power),” and pick “Actions->Delete from library.” Once that is done, simply go back to the Amazon page for Enemy and repurchase it. Again, the book is free so there is no cost to do any of this.
  3. As of right now Barnes and Noble has not posted the updated version so I do not know how to get it if you purchased via your Nook. You can always grab the updated copy from Smashwords for now if you wish. Once B&N has the update version up, I will post instructions on how to get it.
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