Update on Print Editions and Volume Four

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Rise of Shadows has been out for a little while now, and is selling well! Right now it is out selling Academy 2-1, which means at least some of you have been sitting around waiting for Shadows to come out and are snatching it up now. I have been stalling on producing the hardcover and paperback versions intentionally to allow time for any grievous errors to be noticed by readers. Since none have come in, I plan to start working on them this week. It typically takes a few days to get it submitted, and then I will have to order proof copies, which typically have problems that I will need to correct and resubmit. This process usually takes about a month to work out. I hope it goes better this time, but all I can promise is that work is under way.

I completed another chapter last night of volume four, but its name is escaping me. I have several ideas, but none of them seem to fit just yet. It will probably revolve around β€œdarkness” since that is typically what happens after shadows rise, but beyond that I am just not sure yet.

Meanwhile, I would love to hear feedback on the series as a whole. Has anyone figured out who the seven are yet? How about the six? Or the Old Man and his partner? How about the tower? Any guesses on the book that Vydor has? Who is your favorite character so far? Sound off in the comments, or drop me a line.

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3 thoughts on “Update on Print Editions and Volume Four

  1. Derek

    I have really enjoyed the books so far. As for theories I have a theory that the 6 are the original sorceres from book one. Without the grand master. Just seems to make sense. The 7 are the original 7 from 10000 years ago. They found a way to come back from the realm they. Were mistakenly (or purposely) sent to when they created the rifts. Which would explain the dramatic increase in power when the rifts are closed by shadow and the gang on the dust dragon. As far as vydors book. Its the losy book of power originally mentioned in book one. That was fairly transparent in book one. However I kept waiting for him to realize it in book one. I imagine it will come at a pivotal moment in book 5. Though. Apologize for typos and grammar I have huge thumns and a smart phone. Not a good combo. Oh and suggestion for a title. “All consuming darkness” just a thought. And book 5 could be “saving light” again just a thought. Favorite character is shadow. Vydor was awesome in book one and I was disappointed when he was moved into a secondary character place. But the over all character development of shadow has been fun to read. Plus it eliminates that. Feeling like vydor is invincible nothinh could stop him so were is the problem feeling I was getting in book 2

  2. Vincent Post author


    Thank you for taking the time to fight through your phone to post. πŸ™‚

    Vydor will make an appearance in the prologue of book four as the “I” character again for the first time since Enemy. Actually the book does too. πŸ˜‰ Well least the current version of the prologue… its already gone through a few complete re-writes. πŸ™‚

    The series will start to branch more in four as my current goal for the series is to have many stories in the multiverse.

    But you did not comment on the old man, or the tower? πŸ™‚

    1. Derek

      Well to be honest I’m not sure about the old man yet. The tower if I had to guess would be mantis, but that’s really just a guess. I iave a feeling he will end up leading the sorcerers. Be it the original seven or the 6. Lord knows dusty had his run ins with the guy but I don’t think there has been enough character development with him to fully establish what he’s. To. Or maybe I’m a tad slow πŸ˜‰

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