We Have a Real Editor Now!

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We have completed the second pass of editing Volume III! Normally we would take at least four passes at a book, but instead we have found a professional editor that has agreed to take on Rise of Shadows for a price we can afford. She will be getting a copy of the manuscript by Tuesday, and if all goes well with her editing Shadows we will have her go back and edit Enemy and Academy. Since Enemy is a free book, once it is edited, you can just download a new copy to get the edited version. To be clear, I will not allow any story changes; these edits will be only for grammar and other syntactical issues.

Academy however is not free, but I will be happy to give anyone that wants a copy of the edited version (when it comes out) who purchased Academy from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or other retailer (including those that bought the print edition) a coupon for a free copy of the edited ebook from Smashwords. Just email me a copy of your recite and I will take care of it. Anyone that purchased a copy from Smashwords does not need to worry about this because you automatically have access to the most updated version.

I will update this site, as I know more about how this editor works out. She comes recommended to me from others in the industry so I have high hopes for the outcome.

Based on where my cover artist says she is, and how long our new editor thinks she will need we are looking at the ebook release Rise of Shadows near the end of February. The print edition will not be out for several weeks after that as it is much harder to get that to press.

There is still time to apply to be a pre-reader of Shadows but time is running out. The first wave of pre-readers current has their copy and I am looking forward to hearing from them. Contact me for more information via the contact link, or if you have it my direct email.

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