Update on Rise of Shadows

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The first major editing pass of Rise of Shadows is finally complete! We are starting the second pass now. I expect it will go much faster than the first pass. I have also received the rough pencil sketch for the cover and have approved it. Our cover artist is now working on the full color version of the cover. We are still shooting for a February release, but we are running a little behind where I would like to be. I do not plan to rush it out, so it may slip into March.

I will be sending out pre-reader copies to select fans soon of the partly edited work. For those that do not know my pre-readers help with making sure that the story works, and that there are no plot holes. In exchange, they get the book free and get to have input into the story. The drawback is they have to read the work while it is still being edited for grammar, syntax and other mechanical errors. I am looking to expand my pre-reader base a bit for this release so I may be contacting some of the loyal fans and reader of this blog soon. If you think you might be interested please let me know.

Along those lines, if you run a blog or book review site and would like to post a review of any of my books, I will provide free copies. Just drop me an email with the details and we will get it settled.

I have started work on Volume IV, which I am still working on a good title for. I am thinking something along the lines of “Era of Darkness” or “Time of Shadows” but I have not settled yet, so for now it will just be “Volume IV.”

If you have not seen it yet, be sure to check out the Rise of Shadows trailer on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBGB7Ej2AP0

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