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In The Academy some additional details of my magic system were revealed. One of those details is that magic is natural, and thereby has to follow the laws of nature. One example that you learn in The Academy is that magi accomplish flying by pushing energy behind them the same as any mundane means of flight. Part of the rules of nature that govern the use of magic is this concept of “lines of power.” That is each magus is limited in what they can do by whatever kind of magic they were born with. For example, Flame is a pyromancer and illusionist. This means that no matter how hard she studies she can never learn to cast a lightning bolt[1]. Her power is restricted to that of fire and illusions.

In Rise of Shadows a few new lines of power will be introduced, and one of them is brand new to my magic system so I do not yet have the name and rules worked out for it. As revealed in The Academy any magus can make a wand or staff. What is implied, but not stated, is that they can only make a staff or wand out of wood and its powers are limited to the creating magus’ line of power. So Flame could make a fire bolt wand and give it to someone else to use, but she could not make an ice bolt wand. She could however use an ice bolt wand if someone else made it for her.

In both Enemy and Academy magically endowed clothing and jewelry is mentioned but there no indication of how it is made. In Volume III I plan to introduce a new character that can make said items. This magus will have the line of power that will include the fashioning of both clothes and jewelry.

This brings me to the contest. Submit a name for this line of power, and basic rules for it to play buy in the comments below (or via email) and if I use your material in Rise of Shadows I will give you a Smashwords coupon for a free copy of Rise of Shadows when it is released. I may combine ideas from several entries, and if I do each one of them will get a free copy. Make sure your entry agrees with the laws of the Lost Tales universe and I would prefer an original name over reusing anything common.

So send in your entries! I cannot wait to see what you all come up with!


[1] There is a special exception to this rule when dealing with Master level magi, but even then there are limits.

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