Update on Volume Three

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Things are going well with the writing of Volume Three, and I should make the original target date. Right now, the book stands at 67k words, and forty-seven chapters in length and I expect it to be in the 80-90k word range when complete. I am currently building towards a big reveal in the story that should explain and wrap up one major long running loose end that tracks back to the very beginning of Volume One.

I have had several inquiries about whether or not there will be more books in this series so let me put everyone at ease right now. I am still planning at least four or five total books with the current story arch. A future for this specific series beyond a volume five is still undetermined. When I started this series, my intentions were to use the universe that I have created through these books to be the world in which to write new stories with completely different sets of characters and situations. My plans still lie along those lines, but I may expand beyond that as I have some story ideas brewing that may not fit in this universe. Regardless of which way I go, so long as people are buying my stories, I plan to keep creating more.

The Academy is still listed wrong on Barnes and Noble, but they do not appear to want to do anything to fix it. So if you want to buy it via your Nook, you can, it just is listed as an alternate format of The Enemy. If you as customers complain to them, they might be more inclined to fix it, so if you have time please do.

Please keep the feedback coming, I personally read EVERY email and comment sent to me. I also read every single review posted anywhere I know about. Which brings me to a minor request, if you see my books featured anywhere; I would love to know about it.

Lastly, please help me spread the word about this series, I am doing this with absolutely no advertising budget. Even if I had money, word of mouth is still the best advertising there is. So please spread the word anywhere you feel appropriate which may include message boards, forums, book clubs, review sites, blogs, or among your reading friends. Thanks!

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