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The Enemy of an Enemy continues to do well on Amazon and Smashwords, with a combined download count of over TEN THOUSAND now. The Academy is still struggling to get off Smashwords and on to the rest of the stores out there. I am not sure why, but it has been over a month since some of the stores out there have had a copy of it pushed to them and it still is not showing up. It is actually listed for sale in Barnes and Noble right now, but for some reason they have it listed as an alternative format of The Enemy instead of the second book in the series. I am trying to have all this addressed, but it is slow going. This must be why many authors sign with publishing companies, just to pass the irritation of dealing with stuff like this off to someone else.

The writing of Rise of Shadows is going very well. I am probably nearing 2/3rds of the initial draft complete at this stage with the two primary protagonists both currently in a bit of trouble that will require them to depend on others to help them as the problems are beyond them. I think we are still right on schedule with this release.

I also have opened talks with an editor to possible get Rise of Shadows proffesionally edited before its release. I sent them the prolog and first chapter of The Enemy to see what their work is like. Assuming that goes well, I will then likely hire them out of the proceeds from the sales of The Academy.

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