Hardcover… false start

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I just received my proof copy of the hardcover edition, and the exterior cover is great! The fit was really tight because of the case wrapping that they do, but looks like everything survived the agressive crop margins. The interior of the book is another story. It is a disaster.  All the margins are crazy big and the text is tiny. GRRR. So close! I have uploaded a new file and ordered a new proof copy to try again. If all goes well with that one I will make an announcement here so those of you that like a fresh new hardcover book in your hands can oder one. I have it listed currently at the maximum 30% discount that Lulu lets me offer and its listed at the minmum price that Lulu will let me list it at and still get in retail channels (well I make seventeen cents a copy…).

The eBook is still only available at Smashwords and Amazon, as it has not made it through the manual checks required by my ebook distributor before they will send it to Barnes and Noble, Apple, Sony and the others.

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