Contest Update and News on Volume II

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No one has even come close to guessing the answer yet, so I am going to give everyone a hint. First, those of you that guessed Dr. Rannor, I must admit you did pick the most logical choice! I had not even considered him until your guesses came in. I may have to consider a book with him as the main character after the current story arc is completed. Dr. Rannor does play a big part in The Academy but he is not the main character. So here is your hint: The main character for Volume II is not one of the main characters from The Enemy of an Enemy, in fact his role is small enough that one of my pre-readers had to go back and do a search for his name. So there, that about completely gives it away, everyone that has sent in a guess can try again!

In other news the cover for The Academy is complete! We should be able to release the book to Amazon and Smashwords this weekend. Amazon has a 48 hour delay on new books; Smashwords is usually in the range of a couple hours. After that it will be several weeks to a couple months before places like Barnes and Noble have copies for sale.


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