April Update On The Series

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As we approach the release of volume two, I wanted to take a moment to update my nearly 2,000 known readers (since the book is free, I can only count those who have gotten it directly from me, not through the many places where it is offered) on the status of the series.

The Academy has completed its final major edits. We may do one more pass before release, but any changes at this point should be minor matters like the placement of a comma, or other minor syntactical details. All significant editing should be behind us now. Work on the cover art has gone very well. Just last week I received the rough pencil sketch of what our new artist is thinking and it looks like the perfect idea. It captures a moment in time of an early scene in the book while hinting at the overall story line.

The report from the first round of pre-readers is back in and I found some interesting patterns in their feedback. The most interesting one to me is that they all picked the same set of chapters as their favorite. It will be interesting to see if the general readership picks the same ones. Another positive thing from the pre-readers is they all feel the second book is a big improvement over the first. One pre-reader when finishing the book sent me a text message that simply said, “Darn you I need book three NOW!!!!” I think that statement stands well alone as a positive note without risking any spoilers.

The writing of volume three, The Rise of Shadows is going well. Right now the protagonist is being faced with deadly temptation that could change the course of the story dramatically and potentially destroy the protagonist’s hope for the future. What will be the outcome? You will just have to wait a while longer to find out! Keep checking this site for news on that (or subscribe to the site’s RSS feed to be notified of updates).


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