New Milestones Reached!

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I just wanted to take a moment to update everyone on the status of the series as the series has reached a couple new milestones.

First The Enemy of an Enemy continues to do well. It has passed 1200 downloads on alone, and has 5 star ratings on every site where reviews are currently posted, except Amazon where it has a 4 star rating (there it has one bad review, and multiple 5 star reviews). I am blown away by its success!

As I have mentioned earlier, The Enemy is currently 99 cents on Amazon only because they do not allow authors to self publish free books, but Smashwords (our ebook publisher) is getting close to having a deal with Amazon. If that goes through, then I think I will be able to list The Enemy for free on Amazon via Smashwords.

There is also big news about volume two, The Academy. I have completed the rough draft of the entire story. It current sits at approximately eighty-seven thousand words, which makes it about the same length as Enemy. The Academy introduces several new main characters, fleshes out the multi-verse and explores deeper the powers that are discovered in The Enemy.

It will likely take us several months to edit the work, but for those of you that are getting preview copies to review you should see them arriving soon. I am hoping to have it ready to release sometime during Spring 2011, which would put it well ahead of schedule.

Thank you for all your support, and please keep the feedback coming. I read it all and some of the feedback that I have received has already been applied in The Academy.

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