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With The Enemy of an Enemy shattering through five hundred downloads on alone, I thought this would be a good time to post an update about where the series is going. As mentioned previously, Volume Two is called The Academy. I have it about eighty percent written, so I feel that I am on track for a Summer 2011 release of it.

Looking back to The Enemy, I struggled a bit with the choice of perspective in that book. As my readers know, I wrote the entire book through Vydor’s perspective (excluding the prolog) which made telling the story easy, but getting information to the reader much harder then I expected. In fact, I ended up violating this in the telling of the final battle and secretly slipped into third person omniscient briefly as it was the only way to fill in some details in the climax of the scene.

If The Enemy was a movie, I would love to release a “Directors Cut” on DVD and add back in several more chapters that I cut. One that comes to mind right away is an additional encounter with Karathlathornka that occurred during the year when Vydor and his team were fitting out the Nevermore. I liked the scene; it just felt like an unneeded distraction so I had to cut it. Some of that missing material (especially from the final battle) has made it into The Academy but most of it was lost into that great bit bucket in the sky where all deleted scenes end up.

The purpose of The Enemy was to introduce the multiverse that is the stage for the rest of the series. The Academy will flesh out the multiverse and introduce some new story lines that will set the stage for the next several books.

Based on my experience with the first book, The Academy has abandoned that pure first person locked in view while holding true to one main story line and character. It is set sometime after The Enemy and it is a continuation of the story introduced in The Enemy although Vydor is not the main character.

Volume 3, Rise of Shadows, will expand on the story threads that I have been weaving into to The Academy and I have the first ten or so chapters of it written, but it is on hold until The Academy is handed over to my wife for editing. There will be books beyond The Rise of Shadows, but I have not matured them enough yet to speak on.

That is about where things stand right now, please continue to send me feed back as you read the first book. I love to hear from my readers as it gets me a broader view of my stories then I can get through any other means.

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