Amazon Release Delayed

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Months ago I uploaded my rough draft to Amazon to get a feel for how to format the book to work on the Kindle and see how the process works. I never submitted that work for review by the Amazon editors, nor did I ever intend to. Well few days ago I submitted the final draft to their site, added a description to the book listing and even add key words. Then once I verified all was good, I submitted it for review.

Today, while I am in the E.R. (my son feel out of a tree, 11 stitches, but he should be fine once that heals), Amazon approves and lists Enemy of an Enemy in the Kindle store. When I finally get home I noticed the listing was wrong. The first problem was that there was no tags on the listing, nor was the description I had crafted on it. I grabbed the free sample of the book to see if that was at least correct, and discovered that it was the rough draft!

The end result is I removed it from the Amazon store, and started a completely new book project with them. So assuming no more problems in about 48 to 72 hours the book should appear again in the Kindle store. Until then you can get the ebook from and the print edition from Lulu.

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